once in a while


my dad does so much for me. i don’t even realize most of the time because the best part is that he does it without even letting me know. this past month he has been taking care of my income tax filings and has called/ messaged me almost every day this past month reminding me to go to my bank to get some documents. and instead of being grateful and thanking him or even taking him out for a meal, i think i was not very nice to him yesterday morning. i was in a hurry to get to work for a 9 am conference call and ended up being whiney.

sometimes we get so caught up with our lives and our work that we forget to look around and think about other people.

so next time he needs help looking for his shoes in the house {which someone how he always loses} or is hungry and and needs someone to make him a sandwich, i’m his girl :)

i love him.

p.s. the picture is blurred and not the best, but i love it anyway.


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