papa’s birthday and a beautiful city called udaipur <3

we went away this past weekend to udaipur. we left friday night and were back monday morning before work. so it was a short, sweet vacation and bonus points — no leave required { because is it just me or is taking a leave during december extra hard? it’s like all the bosses are on super alert mode this month}

we stayed at uday kothi which is this v cute boutique hotel on the banks on lake picchola. i loved the hotel. it was perfect. the view, the food, the service and oh the pool. ya that was something else.

at udaipur we celebrated papa’s birthday at this lakeside rooftop restaurant called upre. it may have been one of the best restaurants i’ve been to ever. the view was breathtaking. we also visited the city palace, ate some italian {pesto gnocchi, grilled chicken and pumpkin soup} at savage garden, had the yogurt parfait at pap’s juice {it’s called energy booster on menu and if you ever do end up going to udaipur it’s definitely a must eat} and visited shrinathji which is an hours drive away for our ritual prayers {dad’s a big believer and to think of it so are we really} at shrinathji we tried the rajasthani special dal bati! it was crazy good but also filled with an abnormal amount of ghee. but then you don’t get to eat it everyday. so we had it anyway.

i’m glad we all took out time to make this trip happen. papa was always complaining about how we don’t spend enough time alone as a family. and i was always feeling bad because a lot of that had to do with me. but he DID say that he was having the best time atleast a 100 times.  and so … mission accomplished!

now we’re back, all refreshed and back to work. hey long work week {saturday’s working}!  i’m ready for you.

and also i almost forgot ….happy birthday papa, you know we love you!


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