ping pong sundays


we went to trident and then to ping pong this sunday. pre-birthday celebrations since his birthday falls on a tuesday.

i got him a basket filled with all his favorite food. a bit of thai curry, tapioca chips, merci chocolates and baked new york cheesecake. {Yes, so he’s an even bigger foodie than what i am}

i think he liked it.




at ping pong ..we ate dimsums, he had honey glazed pork ribs and i had pot rice.

Also we were guilty of overhearing the conversations of the neighboring table. a group of college girls. It was fun and we tried not to but sometimes we can’t help ourselves.

ping pong portions are a bit too small for our liking.


we finished the meal with a molten chocolate cake with a candle.

it was such a great day.

And it’s going to be a very great week. two of my friends get married this week and we go to goa! ..

AND my brother is in mumbai.

which equals to ALL the ingredients for a perfect week.

Which makes monday so much more bearable.

happy Monday!! xoxo

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