ping pong

i have been waiting for this place to open for a while now.

although i have never eaten at the london ping pong, i did go the one at washington d.c.

it was my last day in d.c. when i was visiting my brother {a.k.a. arjun} and we were driving around¬† georgetown {and i love georgetown so much, but that’s another story} and when we were around dupont circle we happened upon ping pong.

we entered in, since we had heard so much about it and because we were hungry and ordered almost everything on the menu {i do not exaggerate} i think we may have been there for three hours. we tried sake for the first time {and did not like it very much at all} all in all it was a memorable meal, the food was great and my brother’s is always such fun company.

anyway .. so when i heard ping pong opened in mumbai on friday night, guess i had to lunch on saturday ? i went with mum to celebrate her belated birthday {since she was in new york for her actual one} and we had veg spring rolls, baked vegetable puffs and the vegetable noodle pot.

for desert we had the carrot cake and the ping pong signature steamed banana cake {c/o the management, they were so nice to us} and even though steamed banana cake doesn’t sound very good it was a slice of heaven.

also …. have i mentioned how happy i am to have my parents back?? i finally sleep well at nights just when i was starting to think i’d become insomniac.

enjoyed the long weekend so much, could barely make it to work today morning. but here i am. and hey how great is it to skip monday’s at work???

happy short-ish week!


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