yesterday Adi and i ‘participated’ in the Mumbai Pinkathon.

if you’ve been reading my blog you may already know what pinkathon is. but just in case you haven’t, its a breast cancer awareness women’s run that takes place in mumbai every year around december.

this year there were 10,000 women who participated. including visually impaired women. there was also an entire school that participated. it wasgreat to see SO much enthusiasm THAT early in the morning.

they also had a zumba class. to bollywood music.

Adi participates at the pinkathon almost every year. he gifts teddy bears and vouchers to the winners of the run.

although the hardest part of the event is managing to get up at 5 am on a sunday morning, it’s totally worth the effort.





^^ that’s A on stage gifting his teddy bear, can you spot? ^^

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