a pizza party at 12 am and other things


^^ this is probably the reason why i haven’t been blogging much off late. We’ve all had 15 hour work days this week. {what with the new companies act and all?!} ^^

also .. i think it has something to do with it being April. is it just me or does everyone feel that office has a way of making you work crazy hours right after you get a raise and/ or a bonus?

Also this is off topic and no way connected to pizza but…. on sunday we went to the flea market at bandra reclamation and i realized how much i miss flea markets. we would go a lot every time i visited the US.

it’s inspiring.

and you might wonder why i use the word inspiring about a flea but … it’s kinda cool to see how people respond to different stalls at a flea market. the stall i was at was into poi workshops {poi is a form of performance art}. i dint know what that myself until about a month ago. but it was amazing to see the response it got at the flea. there were young girls, kids and even 50 year olds all surrounding the stall wanting to know more about it and signing up for its workshops. kids were even asking their parents to buy them little kid poi’s for their birthdays so they could practice at home.

i found it all very inspiring. also it made me feel so very grateful that i live in such an experimental city. Where one’s always looking to try out something different. and where creativity is so appreciated.

It makes me wonder why I selected such a career which has very little or lets make that nothing to do with creativity. But hey … we do make an impact on people’s lives.. okay a company’s financial life {does that make sense?}

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