poetry written by a columbia b – school student

i just like how cool that sounds. like the diary of a young girl. one of my favorite novel titles. this is an attempt at that.

so here goes….

She’ll make you laugh through all your sorrows,

And outrun those tiny demons in your head,

She’ll smile wide and grin in her cute mischievous ways,

And even a million miles away, you will feel her smile even when talking over the phone!


You’ve had a hectic time, ran around in circles all day,

You met so many people,  you saw so many sights,

You don’t remember a single thing from the previous night,

Your struggling to keep pace with the race,

But u see her face early morning when she’s just got up from sleep,

All sleepy and sloppy and barely awake,

But yet u instantly feel at home and happy again!

Suddenly the world is a better place!


You don’t talk about anything brilliant, no discoveries,

No interesting talk, no wondrous adventures or crazy rides,

Your conversation to an untrained ear would seem mundane,

Even typical of two little girls – random babble and silly jokes!

Yet it seems like the most important news you’ve heard all week!


Those are the conversations you yearn the most,

Because you know, you know very very well,

That if you continue to have that happy person,

That girl with a smile on her face, who pretends to be an angel(:is not),

Who scorns with you at the dumbness that is other girls,

If she’s In your life, your very best friend, your wing-woman, your partner in crime,

You know The world will shine, it’s just a Matter of time!

i love this one.

even though this is a semi private poem written by surabhi to me i decided to post it here anyway. so you’ll can see how talented she is. i mean you dont get into columbia b – school just like that, right?

i love how some people have the knack of making you feel better no matter what. and who go out of their extremely busy b – school schedules to do so.

i shall always remember…

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