pot luck dinner


^^ thursday night had friends for a pot luck dinner at home ^^

some of the perks of parents being out of town?? but honestly its been long and i want them back already!

so i made the burrito bowl {see recipe here}, chandni made burritos, alifya made sauteed assorted veggies {which was supposed to be an alio olio pasta but then we ditched the spaghetti at the end} and mehak got frankie!

it was fun and we are planning on making it a weekly ritual.

an assortment of cuisines because we couldn’t make up our minds about just one.

the weekend was just mainly rainy. spent most of it reading.

here’s an article in the atlantic about the key to a successful marriage which i loved.

also i can’t stop listening to this song i came upon on soundcloud. it’s called happy endings. have you heard about it? i hadn’t. it’s SO feel good. specially on a rainy day.

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