Pre – Wedding Shoot


finally received my pre-wedding shoot pictures today. after a whole 3 months.

i don’t even want to guess about when i will get my wedding pictures at this rate ;p

we did the shoot at juhu beach and the location looks much better in the pictures than i had expected it too.

we also did part of the shoot at my house {to-be-husbands house at that time} and part of it at our friends salil’s beautiful house by the beach.

i remember being so unprepared {had not done my nails or hair either!} and by the time we got done (7 am to 7 pm!) we were exhausted!





^^ do you see the way he looks at hugo?? i don’t ever get that look just by the way ;)^^

okay the few of them refuse to get uploaded and the rest i’m not willing to share!  i’m afraid the rest of the pictures don’t really go with this blog theme ;)

now can’t wait to post my wedding pictures next.

excuse the wedding overdose going on here. it shall stop very soon. once i’m fully back into the work grind

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