we took a trip to puducherry {formally known as pondicherry} this weekend

we were 6 girls. 2 of them who i’d never really met before.

i didn’t expect to have such a good time.

puducherry is a small city {more like a french colony} at about a 3 hour drive from chennai.

it’s beautiful and often i found myself thinking that i was walking in a small town in europe. definitely not india.

it has the cutest small restaurants /cafe’s {outdoor and indoor} each of which have a charm of their own.

we met so many friendly people and owners of these restaurants.

it also has great beaches. specially some of the lesser known ones.

the best part of the trip however was my companions. i had such a good time with the girls. getting to know them and just realizing how similar we all are. i know i say this often but it still surprises me every time i meet someone i’ve never met before and find myself having so much in common with them  and connecting so well with them.

and here’s our short vacation in pictures…



^^ us posing for pictures in our hotel lobby. we stayed at le royal park which was great and v reasonable, the only negative being that it was a ten minute rickshaw ride from the french quarter.

we were off to a restaurant called la maison rose

once we got there, we found the staff slightly rude and we did not end up getting a table, so we went on to another restaurant called le dupleix {which i cannot recommend enough! it was beautiful and the food was beautiful too, it deserves a post to itself}





^^ our first morning in puducherry, purva and i decided to explore the city while the others were still sleeping. we walked around aimlessly in the french colony/ white town district and happened upon all these beautiful places… ^^





^^ for breakfast we went to this super funky and relaxed rooftop cafe called  kasha ki aasha. we had the regular pancakes and the chocolate pancakes. we  also tried their bruschetta/tomato & cheese  sandwich. it was such a fun place and we ended up spending way to many hours lounging. they even let us play our own music on our speakers ^^




^^ we all agreed that villa shanti was one of our favorites. we went there for lunch. and it totally lived up to all the recommendations we had got from others. ambiance AND food wise. we ate indian. and had great cocktails. ^^




^^ one of the highlights of our 4 day vacation was when we happened upon a restaurant called disdis & co. the owner was this sweet lady who has a tiny boutique attached to the restaurant. we bought lots of things.

further, she recommended bodhi beach to us. she said it was one of the lesser explored beaches in the city and that we would love it. we spent almost the entire next day at the beach. ^^


^^^ that is cafe des arts. and i recommend …^^


^^ the chocolate crepes. does not the picture speak for itself??  the cafe is beautiful! and they have the cutest store attached to it.^^


^^ they even have a cycle rickshaw to pose on ;)^^




^^ and now that you’ve made it this far into the post… you do want to know about le club. the grilled chicken and mushrooms is to die for!! ^^

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