puerto banus

Day 3


our last day in puerto banus + my birthday. kushboo joined us today.

we had a quick breakfast at mcdonalds {every other place seemed to be shut or serving eggs only and we were in the mood to try something different}. we had tostadas {a spanish dish consisting mainly of toasted bread, fresh tomato sauce and olive oil} and yogurt parfait.

after a hilarious 2 hour incident where our key fell into the  mailbox and we had to eventually break it open to get the key back, we headed to old marbella for lunch.

it was one of my favorit meals in the entire trip. we ate at a restaurant in orange square. it was an authentic spanish meal. tapas, paella and cava {cava is such a cool spanish drink. i like it even more than sangria. i could maybe have an entire jar all on my own}

after which my friends surprised me with a birthday cake {#ihavethebestfriends but i’ve mentioned that before}

we went back to ocean club in the evening and had dinner at khans. an indian restaurant. because it was 3 days into our vacation and we were already missing home food ;)  but lets just say that the food was a spanish version of indian. not exactly what we wanted.

i was teary when we were leaving. i think i might have even cried a little bit.

we fell in love with the place in 3 days flat. everything about it is beautiful and fun and it has such a great vibe to it. totally my kind of a place. if i ever had to design a dream city… it would be a lot like puerto banus.

we swore to come back again. some day. not sure how that’s going to happen. but one can dream.

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