it’s been so long since we’ve had food on this blog.

and co-incidentally {;)} this weekend was just the right opportunity to bring it back.

we went to pune this past weekend and ate at this odd named restaurant in koregaon park.

there was so much of hype built up before we entered the restaurant. but we left very happy and satisfied.

generally most restaurants don’t live up to THAT much hype. but this did.

it’s sad i couldn’t take pictures of the crepe Suzette, which my friends who came along assured me was the best desert they had ever eaten {i’m biased since i’m not a fan of orange sauce, so my opinion doesn’t really count here}

i had : grilled chicken stuffed with olives and mushrooms they had: filet mignon, turkey and some more chicken.




have i mentioned that i live to eat?

i just made myself terribly hungry. and i just ate.

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