puri, orissa

i’ve been MIA for a while because of all the traveling that’s been going on.

but the sweetest thing happened today. and it’s not the first time it’s happened {:)}

i was at work on a saturday evening {one of the worst times of the week to be at work} and this intern who’s been working with our firm for a month {or two?} now comes up to me on her last day and says “madam i’ve been¬† been meaning to tell you this since the day i joined, i’m a big fan of you and your blog”


she made my day.that girl.

and gave me the push i needed so very much to post something.

last weekend we were in puri, orissa for a colleagues wedding.

i’ve never been to puri. or orissa for that matter.

it was a pleasant surprise. did you know they call puri – the goa of the east??

the drive from the bhubaneshwar airport to puri is absolutely gorgeous. tall green palm trees everywhere.


we stayed at sterling resorts which was cool because it had it’s own private beach.

and a beautiful pool.



^^ the hotel pool and next ..the private beach which was beautiful! ^^


^^ yes you guessed right > the bride and groom at their varmala ceremony ^^


^^ the haldi, he’s a punjabi and so after his clothes were torn. it was fun to watch ;)^^






^^ me, us, the bride and the golden sand beaches!^^

it was the first destination wedding, actually make that first WEDDING i have attended with my office colleagues. it was so much fun to get to interact them outside of work. sometimes your interaction is so minimal and of a different kind when it’s restricted to the office.

it makes me realise how no matter where or which part of the country we are from we are all so similar deep down.


happy weekend!


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