ramadan night

on friday a few of us drove around mohammed ali road to eat ramadan food.

sadly if you are a vegetarian or a selective non – vegetarian like me, you will pretty much end up having only ‘desert’  for dinner! but nonetheless worth it…

…because have you tried the phirni???


^^ love how the streets are so lit up. so festive. it’s almost like diwali. almost^^



^^ one phirni wasn’t enough. even though it was probably a million calories. but then we all have cheat days {even though mine seem to occur thrice a week i think}^^

p.s. i missed taking pictures of all the food. probably because it dint look as good as it tasted {or at least i’m told}

it just dint pass my blog standards and the whole good looking food dealio i had going on in my head before i went.

maybe next year they’ll come up with some better presentation. you think? then they’d get publicity, right here at bluebay ;) because i’m sure they need it. a lot.

happy monday! xoxo

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