random thoughts


felt good coming back to work after our vacation. never thought i’d be saying this but law seems to be growing on me.

i’ve been doing a lot of reading lately to get some perspective. and i came across THIS very cool article by Oliver Dunn. thank you surabhi! for sending it my way :)

he says – “a risk not taken is more dangerous than a risk taken

i love it. it makes so much sense. makes me realise i’m too little of a risk taker. maybe that should be on my goal list for 2013 {even though 2013 is almost over. halfway atleast}

also a month back a few friends of friends of mine eloped. in VEGAS.

makes me think of how much i want a tacky {but tasteful} vegas wedding. after that we can go see a show. or sit on a ride in stratosphere. or try our luck at the countless casinos.

happy weekend! xoxo

p.s. could someone please explain to me how productive working on saturdays actually is?

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