republic weekend

wedding festivities have begun again. is it only me or do you agree that attending weddings in january can be soo hard? with work and everything.

i haven’t been very good at it this month.

by the time weekend was here i was so tired i spent pretty much the entire weekend curled up in bed catching up on shows.

downtown abbey, season 3 and revenge, season two. have you’ll seen the shows? i really like both. so gripping. i finished watching all the episodes i had in 2 days. next on line is suits (can’t wait!)

today, being sunday, we went for the ritual sunday brunch. this time we went to busaba, at lower parel.

we had the sunday brunch special (rs. 1400 plus taxes, non – alcoholic) it was good. i’ve always liked the food at busaba. and their chocolate mousse tastes like heaven. so does their asparagus sushi tempura. and their crispy potatoes.

in case you haven’t noticed already, i am a foodie.

i got to meet karishma and pooja (my government law college friends) after so long. i love those girls. so sweet. its always fun to catch up with them and talk about the few memories we had of college. since we hardly attended.

i miss college days. things were just so much easier then. not that things are hard now. but sometimes it does seem like that sometimes.

can we hit the rewind button and go back a few years???

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