things i need to follow in 2015 starting from this picture right below >>>


1) stay fit, stay healthy.  hit the gym more often. cut down or STOP my diet coke consumption {oaky, that also applies to my fried food consumption ;p}

2) be positive. more often that i am. practice being grateful every single day. look for the good in things and in people.

3) work harder. stay goal oriented. strive to be better at what i do. aim high. and surround my self with people that inspire and motivate me.

4) read more. about the world. about the calamities that other countries are facing {it’s surprising how little i know about so many problems facing humanity today} it keeps you grounded and makes you want to work towards making the world a nicer place to live in.

5) learn how to drive {about time right?}

6) be nicer to people. go out of your way for people whenever you can. travel as much as you can. meet new people. learn about their life and their stories. blog more often. capture my experiences. in words and in pictures.

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