Salman Rushdie versus Rakhi Sawant

got to work this morning to find out there was enough security in my building that would put the president’s security to shame.

after asking around i found out it was because salman rushdie was in. :o the salman rushdie.

who wrote midnights children. and who was married to my favorite t.v. host ever – padmalaxmi (top chef anyone?)

unfortunately i did not get a chance to meet him. or take a picture.

but  that’s a good thing. i would have probably  been extremely intimidated.

though we DID get to meet rakhi sawant (not that i am comparing salman rushdie and rakhi sawant. i would never do that salman )

last night at rutu veeral’s wedding reception

i think we might have spent the entire time taking pictures with her, talking about her or just staring at her.

we’re lame like that. its just that we find her so amusing. in a good way of course.

happy monday! xoxo





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