secretly (not so much of a secret anymore) i’ve always wanted to be a CIA agent…


the CIA obsession comes from an overdose of homeland.i might have seen the entire season 2 in a day.

it got me thinking. CIA officers are way cool. they are  so passionate about what they do (at least in the show) AND it’s all so mysterious.

sometimes i wish i had thought of being one when i was younger. only i doubt I would have ever made it through their training sessions.

(there goes my positivity.. but really who are we kidding?)

also ever since my little obsession with the show, i’ve been reading up on the CIA and it hit me that my twin brother lives only a few minutes away from langley, virginia!!

i am SO going to go have a look at their headquarters when i visit him this summer. are we even allowed inside??

carrie mathison, you are my new work idol! <3  you’re pretty amazing..i mean apart from the bi-polar disorder et all.






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