she’s got to be the happiest patient i’ve ever seen….



the other day we had a holiday mid week. i adore mid-week holidays. the work week tends to pass by so much faster when you have mid-week holidays {specially if they fall on wednesdays.. i have strange holiday theories which most people, i’ve noticed, tend to agree with}

i spent my holiday with tanushree. she was hospitalized for a few days for a minor leg surgery.

and i haven’t seen a happier and more enthusiastic patient. i could swear at some poin during the day i actually asked her to pass me the remote because I was too lazy to get up.

but to make up for all that got her a chip butty and brownies from theobroma. her get well soon gift.



p.s. chip butty is by far the yummiest sandwich i have ever eaten. it’s got french fries, garlic mayo and cheese as filling. doesn’t that say it all?







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