shillim, lonavla and #patuwedspati = a great weekend

we went to this beautiful property about a 3 hours drive from mumbai, this weekend.

at the hilton shillim spa retreat at lonavla. it was our friends – pratik and pratiksha’s wedding function.

the place was very scenic and and there was of much of peace and tranquility around. but then every place seems to be a tranquility heaven when compared to mumbai.

the rooms that we lived in were extremely spacy and they each came with an amazing outdoor area with a bed et all.

though i dint get a chance to see the entire property. we did get time to check the pool area and the terrazo where the functions were held. oh and the food was great too {and that’s always so important to me}

so if you are looking to get away from the city life for the weekend and are willing to over look the longgg and somewhat roller coaster – ish drive to the place it’s a definite MUST go.

and now for the pictures….. because that’s where all the fun is ;)




^^ we started off the saturday with a pool party at  one of several pools the resort has to offer. this one was the infinity pool over looking the valley, it was SO beautiful and chilly. ^^


^^  the cocktail night at the terrazo with the bride to be. somehow i cannot seem to find more normal pictures of the night. and the ones that i can find are all so blurry ^^


^^ we girls on sunday morning, after breakfast, preparing for the long ride back to the city.^^

often i find myself telling people about how bored i am of attending weddings since there seem to be so many of them this year.but now that i look back i cannot think of any event i love more than weddings. there is so much of positivity in the air. every one just seems to be SO happy during these functions. Especially the bride and the groom. i absolutely love seeing the look on their faces while they give a life commitment to each other.  and actually look so happy doing it! it always always brings tears to my eyes. happy tears.

plus i get an excuse to meet all of my friends under one roof. with the our busy work schedules throughout the year it would be so hard to meet all of them THIS often if it weren’t for weddings.

so now that wedding season is almost coming to an end i find myself a feeling little low.

but then there’s always the next wedding season.

so let’s hope there are even more during the next one ;) and this time i promise to be more grateful!!


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