although i am quite the travel buff, i had yet to explore east asia. i’ve never been to bangkok or thailand or anywhere else in that part of the world.

so a few weeks ago saloni and i were talking and we decided we should take a short vacation somewhere in east asia. at first we decided we’d go to vietnam and combodia. we almost booked the flight tickets. but then decided against it, as we were traveling solo.

we are both getting married later in the year and since she is shifting to the U.S. of A. post marriage {which sucks! i know…but that’s for a whole different post} we thought it would be a good idea to do a girls trip. just the two of us. and so Singapore happened! {we heard it was one of the safest countries in Asia and it sure did live up to its title}

a few interesting facts about our Singapore vacation:

1) the Quincy Hotel – a month before we were to leave, we debated for days about where to stay {partly out of excitement and partly out of boredom}. we finally shortlisted the Quincy Hotel by Far East Hospitality {she gave in to my insistence on staying there -i read about it on a travel blog} – the all – day free flowing dean and deluca refreshments really hit the spot with me. we paid a bit more than we wanted to. but in the end we were SO damn satisfied. i don’t think i would have had it any other way now that we are back in Mumbai. i also know saloni feels the same way {even though she might deny it}  last night {two weeks since we’ve been back}i got a message from her saying “i really miss quincy” she dint say she missed “singapore” she said she missed the Quincy ;) so there you have it. that’s what a really good hotel does for you.





^^ our hotel lobby. and the ever flowing food spread! so often we would want to get out to grab a bite but after seeing the spread at our hotel we would just end up eating there {also it helps that it was all on the house ;)}^^



^^ our hotel pool. we LOVED spending time on the floats watching a movie on the screen near the pool. they even had juices/ energy drinks/ chips stocked up near the pool for refueling ^^

2) the almost cancellation – a week before we were to leave, the managing partner at the law firm i work with informed me that i would have to cancel my vacation {#lifeofacorporatelawyer} due to an ongoing transaction. he said they would reimburse me for the costs incurred. it was all very disappointing. more for Saloni than i as she would have to cancel her bookings too {and for some reason all our bookings happened to be on a non-refundable basis} we found out we were going the day we were leaving i.e. Friday! so you could imagine our relief and my UN-preparedness. looking back i am so grateful for saloni. she took it all SO well. and was most co-operative the whole time.

3) ) universal studios – i have been to the universal studios in orlando and los angeles but honestly it never ceases to amaze me. it has to be the happiest place on earth and looking back most of my very favorite days all happen to be in amusement parks. no matter how old i get.


^^ mandatory universal pose! ^^

IMG_20150723_174008^^ this right here is what i love about universal studios. the food shops/ carts are so adorable^^



IMG_20150804_110121^^ posing like little children ^^

4) celavi – on top of the marina bay sands is undoubtedly on the most beautiful clubs in the country. we went there on saturday night and had such a great time. we bumped into another group of mumbai girls celebrating a bachelorette {us mumbaikars, we are EVERYwhere!} we also met a lot of interesting locals. it was one crazy night


^^ view from the club^^


^^ bathroom selfies^^

5) shopping at orchard road – singpaore has to be one of the best shopping destinations i’ve been too. orchard street has every thing. the super pricey to the not so expensive clothing stores. you name it, it’s there. i also loved the local brands and did most of my shopping there.



6) bao today – both saloni and i are “barely non-vegetarians”. we eat only chicken and v. few other dishes with other meat products {pepperoni pizza! yumm} so it was difficult to find good options at restaurants in singapore. we happened upon bao today while we were shopping at orchard street and ended up eating there twice after. the peanut baos, the crystal dumplings and the ramen noodles are amahzinnng.

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