so here goes……


throughout my stint at law school i had serious doubts about pursuing law.

i just dint think i was a law kind of person (and believe me there is such a thing as ‘law kind of person’)

also i wasn’t born to lawyer parents like MOST of my other class mates.

i almost quit twice and thought I’d try my hand at fashion or advertising or something more creative. more me.

but then i stuck to it. because once i start something i NEED to go all the way. just to see how it plays  out. not give up till i have  given it my best.

and boy am i glad i did. I LOVE my job. i do have off days but more often than not i love what i do.

it makes me feel important and different.

i mean – i’m STILL not a law kind of person. in fact most people i meet for the first time find it so hard to believe when i tell them i’m a lawyer (that too a corporate lawyer). but now, 2. 5 years into my job, i think it’s safe to say that i think i’ve got the hang of it.

oh and the pay isn’t that bad either ( this is my #ijustgotmybonusandraise period and i’m always MORE in love with my job during this time of the year)

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