Since I just turned 25 and so are most of my friends. So the other day a friend of mine was looking for suggestions on THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 30. Remember that list from the FRIENDS episode?

So I made a list of my own.

Here it is (not necessarily in that order)

(1)   yacht week

(2)   bungee jumping

(3)   get married

(4)   have kids

(5)   eat a seven course meal

(6)  a great corporate law career [as you’ve noticed I avoid bringing up my work life here in this blog. I like to keep the two separate]

(7)   go to south america, oooh and bora bora

(8)   learn photography

(9)  learn how to speak french or maybe german.

(10) lose 5 kgs..okay maybe 3

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