social offline

jinal and  I went to social offline at colaba the other night.

and for a restaurant that just opened the night before {we went on a thursday} it was PRETTY packed.

it’s been long since i have liked a place THIS much, not since cafe zoe opened its doors a few years ago.

the decor is great, the prices are reasonable and the vibe is fun.

i definitely think it’s going to be my new hangout.

we had the lentil kebabs {which were okay} and the mezze platter which was great value for money and tasty.

oh and the cosmo – explosion is just the MOST fun drink to have there.

it was such a good break after this rough week that i am having with work et all. but good times are coming soon…

i told you there was something about this year :)

also, my parents just got back this weekend! …so there’s a start…

apologies in advance for the picture quality. it was dark and we took pics on our cell phones {which btw i need a new one, this one just doesn’t function anymore}





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