someplace better

yesterday we had a mid week holiday since it was ganesh visarjan. and if you live in mumbai you know there’s not much one can do in the city during visarjan. unless you’re into dancing on the streets with very drunk men and loud bollywood music blaring on the speakers. which i’m not so….

we took off for the day to khandala, to a friend’s farm house. it was a very random and spontaneous plan. and is it just me but aren’t those are the ones that always end up being the most fun?? we din’t leave till 3 pm, just when the streets were starting to get crowded, but thanks to the new chembur – fort flyover we got to khandala in less than 2 hours {?!}

once we reached we swam, ate, swam some more, watched some shows and fell asleep watching them.

the weather was beautiful, it was even a bit chilly at night. and even though i’m not much of a nature person, i think the view of the valley from the house was just something else.

it was super hard getting up at 8 am to come back to mumbai and back to our respective offices. but you know something? i’m all for a mid week holidays. i think we should have one every week. you come back to work so charged up and refueled. {i hope my bosses are reading this post?!?}

okay i maybe take that back.

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