finally back from our mini-vacation to spain. i suddenly feel so empty.

this past month has been all about spain. planning, booking, research and more planning and just day dreaming most of all. also.. i’ve always maintained how i feel the planning bit is even more fun than the actual trip even.. ;)

here’s an account of all that we did, the places that we went to and the apartments we stayed at. because i’m always surfing the net for such kind of posts and also because there’s nothing about this trip that i want to forget. ever.

Day 1


we landed at puerto banus after being in transit for what seemed like days (around 12 hours to be more accurate – we had a two hour halt in zurich).

puerto banus was exactly how i had pictured it  and BETTER. all one can see around are boats, bistros, hoards of people walking by the marina in swim wear just looking for a good time and the BEACH.






^^^ our aparment was unbelievable. we rented  it via airbnb here. it was pretty reasonable considering we were 5 of us girls staying at the apartment. i cannot praise the host jean marc or the apartment enough. i think has a big role to play in me enjoying my stay here the most amongst the other places we visited in spain. we were located right on the marina, in the center of where all the action was. clubs, restaurants,bars,  beach clubs and the beach + we saved all that taxi money ^^^




after freshening up we walked by the marina and had the chicken fettucine alfredo and margarita pizza at picasso which is the best and busiest restaurant in the marina. fruit drinks at astral cocktail bar {which is a must visit and one of my favorite places there} visited the flea market in the city center {which has good stuff if you really hunt but isn’t the whole point of a flea market that you get good clothes at v reasonable prices? well this wasn’t v reasonable at all} we finally ended the night at 6 am at seven and kube {clubs and bars in spain only start getting busy post 2 am}

also we took lots of pictures ;) .. i’ve come to the conclusion that when you’re traveling with a large group of girls the ratio of pictures taken to ALL girls liking the picture is 1:23. i kid you not.




the good part of it all was that all the places mentioned above were within a few minutes walking distance from our apartment and the best part of it was i went with few of my favorite people.

i miss them all so much. and we only just got back. withdrawal symptoms much?

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