sri lanka


two of my friends and I took a short weekend trip to sri-lanka last month.

we went back and forth a lot before finalizing the destination. since we had just 4 days and it was only the three of us.

we short-listed galle, which is in the southern province of sri lanka, as our base because of its beautiful beaches and old Portuguese fort town vibe.

BUT the highlight of our trip was by far the amazing villa we stayed in {pictures below}. I cannot recommend this place enough. it was small {just three rooms}, served amazing breakfast, had a cozy vibes and we almost had the place to ourselves completely.

on our last day we left for Colombo early {our flight back was from here} and spent the day in Colombo – which to me was quite the surprise. I did not expect to enjoy the city so much. it was a short but wonderful few hours in the country’s capital.



^^ the beautiful villa we stayed in, which was about a 10 minute tutu ride to galle fort area. it looks like a homestay but its a hotel with the friendliest staff. and a small restaurant – which serves food all day ^^


^^ this is where we sat all day lazing around playing mono deal and eating and drinking when we weren’t outside ^^


^^ the breakfast area – I love how everything in the villa was so open and minimalistic ^^


IMG_20170929_102201 (1)

^^ our room – yes that’s an open bathroom, it was  slightly awkward walking in to this, considering we were sharing a room between the three of us, but we figured out our bath plans soon enough ;) ^^




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