still hope

this week has been one of my hardest work weeks, since my three years of working here post grad {i’m talking 15 hour days consecutively and a whole lot of not so pleasant emails from my many bosses}

i am tired and sleepy. and some more tired.

BUT …. it’s almost friday and things are looking up. and today when i was passing by the juice and sandwich shop i was telling you about i saw something that made me smile.

and this difficult week seemed good. and there was still some hope. well at least for that moment.



^^ ta da! the menu i made for the them .. laminated et all, put up by the old man who owns the shop {he looked so confused when i gave it to him that i almost thought he’d throw it in the bin}  but i was wrong. little did i know. and yes of course it has to be neon.  i mean what better way to do attract new customers than with neon, right??^^



^^ see the transformation?…just incase you under estimated my document making skills. not bad eh?^^

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