sunday in pictures.

it was one of those sundays. the one’s that satisfy you enough to go back into work week and as it to bring it on with a smile on your face

and then it’s sundays like these that we all live for anyway right???


^^^ had breakfast at m.c.a.and breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. but then you already know that ;)^^^


^^ and then lunch at ping pong. somehow, all my favorite days have a lot to do with food. and yes those are steamed edameme beans. we’re going healthy {if you ignore the desert, the pictures of which, by the way, i conveniently have not uploaded} ^^^



and then watched in her shoes, while in bed. here’s a link from the movie that makes me teary every time i watch it.

and then ended the day watching rush at p.v.r. {such a good movie. so inspiring. perfect for a sunday evening. loved the lines they end the movie with}

it was relaxing. calm after the storm of a week.

so………next stop : dubai :o :)

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