sundays like these…

went swimming with the boys on sunday, though i ended up being the only one swimming.


this place is so beautiful. and so peaceful. it’s almost always empty. i swam all alone while the boys played squash. in the sun. but it was refreshing. and calming.


took a few pictures {a.k.a selfies}, since no one else was willing to take mine.


{i am glad that this will be the place where we will eventually get married. we’ve had SO many great days here. also, it’s beautiful}


we ended the night – attending a wedding at the new j.w.marriot. near the international airport.


i really liked the new hotel. and the wedding was fun too. so was the company;)

days like these make me look forward to starting this new phase of my life.

even though i will dearly miss living with my family in my home.

it’s all very exciting and frightening at the same time. but i still have more than enough time to prepare my self and turn the frightening + excitement to ONLY excitement.

happy monday!!


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