sweetish house mafia + this wonderful world {well most of it anyway}

yesterday post lunch i made a quick trip to todi mills without really informing anyone at work {and my office is really strict about those kind of things.yes  you could call them old school..}

really wanted to check out the sweetish house mafia store. although the formal opening is on friday i.e. 17th September {or so i’ve read} they still had a few batches of cookies for sale.

i got the nutella sea salt cookie and the snickerdoodle. they were both amazing. and i’m craving more already.




^^the store entrance … it’s right next to cafe zoe ^^

in other news … i read this really great article about an incident during 9/11 and its pretty amazing how the world can surprise you when you least expect it. media tends to so often publicize the bad that we so often forget about the good that there is in the world.

new addition on my list of things to do everyday : read one article everyday which inspires you, makes you want to be a better person or just urges you to be more creative and try something new.

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