thank god its sunday

when your working on a saturday, sunday can seem like such a short time to do all the things you have wanted to during the week.

karishma and me made ‘full use’ of our sunday. and i’m not exaggerating when i type this, but we actually did do all these things yesterday;

* ran errands which involved looking for a friend’s house in nepean sea road which took what seemed like a day. why is it so hard to find places in mumbai even though you’ve lived here your whole life?

* had lunch at woodside inn, colaba.

* made a quick stop at colaba causeway to buy the fake ray-bans we love. sorry rayban. it’s just that these are so much cheaper and taking into record my track record of losing sunglasses every month,  it just seems like the more practical option.

* had a vanilla latte at starbucks (yes it was our first time at the mumbai starbucks and we loved it)

* attended the wine and cheese festival at radio club.

* had dinner at harbour view, strand hotel and the sea view hotel rooftop cafe (yes, we had dinner at both the places. gym, we need to have our meeting today!)

* and caught up with my favorite show homeland (season 2)

it was such a fun day. i’m going to make sure i spend all my sundays doing something different, it kind off makes you look forward to work on monday. okay not really. i take that back.

happy monday! xoxo


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  1. prateek
    January 15, 2013 at 6:53 am ·

    hahahaha u you ate soo much

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