last month was hard for me work wise. not more so because of the hours but just because of the environment at work.

found my self re-thinking about a lot of my career decisions/ choices.

but then thanksgiving week came in and it felt like something just smacked me.

i could spend all the hours in the day being disappointed or complaining but then that’s just very exhausting and honestly i’m pretty sure my friends and family don’t like hanging with me any more ;) instead if i really think about it i  have SOO much more to be grateful about.


^^ like this crazy good family of mine. i love them. and wish i could be celebrating thanksgiving with them.^^

i’m also thankful for the weekend that’s almost here ;), for ‘A’ for always always teaching me the right thing to do, not giving up on me and making me a better person, my salary {because right now.. that’s the only good thing i take away from my job ;)}, for bollywood music and the fun late night drives with my friends where we’ve sang aloud – not in tune {it’s just SO DE-stressful} and lastly i’m thankful for my phone that’s is perfectly working no matter how many times i’ve dropped it and how many cracks it has suffered all over. it just refuses to give up on ;)

happy friday! xoxo

hope we have the BEST weekend. xoxo

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