that year


the wedding year.

it has GOT to be the most stressful yet memorable year of your life.

so much around you is changing or has changed already.

you’re ALWAYS stressed and/or arguing with your fiance about the guest list!

everyone’s attitude towards you changes over night {a.k.a. your boss. who blames every mistake in a document on your upcoming nuptials ;)}

your attitude towards everyone and everything changes a lot too….

so well, this is ‘that year’ for me and honestly in spite of all of the stress and ambiguity I’m enjoying every moment of it.

because i know that next year when i don’t have a guest list to argue about I am actually going to miss it.

p.s. if any one of you wishes to donate for the Nepal earthquake a friend of mine along with a few others is personally traveling to Nepal and providing on ground help and supplies to villages outside of Kathmandu. here’s their link.

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