the diaries of a corporate lawyer

i have been thinking about my career a lot these days. i just read the steve jobs book, so no guesses there.

made me think about where i see myself few years down the line, career wise.

this financial year has been smooth for me, most of it at least. of course there have been those days. those days where i think what am i doing here? how did i get here? am i even smart enough to do this?

and then i tell myself that it’s normal to feel that way sometimes. and its normal to not know everything.

also i feel lucky. that i have so many people in my firm that inspire me. that i can learn from. every single day. i am surrounded by all these talented people. who go out of their way to help me out with my doubts and queries so very often.

and then i think life’s good. work’s good. and i’m willing to do all it takes. put in more hours. read more. learn more.

whatever it takes to be a good lawyer.

also have i mentioned some of the perks??


^^i get to travel to jaipur for work (this monday) and live in this room all by myself^^


^^and is it just me or does room service food somehow always tastes so much better than it does in the restaurant?^^


^^oh and the pool .. because i always save the best for the last ^^


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