the H and M wedding…and let’s talk about GOA??

we celebrated harsh and mehak’s wedding this weekend at the lalit, goa!

it was Such fun. made us want to shift permanently to this beautiful city.

cannot even start to explain how hard it was to board the flight back to Mumbai this morning.

the bride and groom looked happier than ever. and the wedding at the beach was breathtaking.

also i got to spend SO much time with all my loved ones.

So…here’s to many more weddings!!

let’s keep them coming??


^^ how beautiful is the bride??! we couldn’t keep our eyes off her ^^

IMG_20140423_175918^^ let’s not leave the groom out, cool much?. ….i love this picture and i may have stolen it from a friend’s insta account. ^^



^^ stole these too. but can you see why i couldn’t resist??^^



^^ only because i couldn’t find any normal pictures of mine ^^



^^ us at the ‘cocktail and dreams’ shack at my favorite beach in goa, palolem.. {where you get 100 rupee mohitos and super reasonable and delicious food…but then isn’t that all shacks in goa?}

i could never get bored of this city.

and also i am blessed with the coolest friends in the world. but i’ve already said that before.

Congratulations H and M!!! may you’ll have the happiest married life !

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