the happy list


there are some processes that we all go through that can be exhausting and hard and you end up not feeling so good about yourself. and not feeling the way you should be

but everyone has to go through them (most atleast) and also i am aware that people have worse problems. so i’m not complaining.

however, to get out of the crabby mood and to just be happy again (the way i felt when i got up) i decided to write down a happy list.

things that make me happy. i do it everytime i need to cheer up and it always works. every single time.

10 things that make me happy 

1. a good swim

2. the thai (red) curry at mai tai

3. late night conversations with close friends

4. exercise ( it releases happy hormones #truestory)

5. watching a baby smile. any baby.

6.  receiving a appreciative email (which is also cc’d to your boss) from the client  after you have spent months working on that ‘one’ deal. suddenly those long work hours seem worthwhile. {cherry on top – you are just 15 days away from the yearly review ! :)}

7. planning a vacation with your friends (i can swear the planning bit and the anticipation is almost as fun as the vacation itself)

8. discovering a new restaurant. randomly. then going in and actually liking it

9. when your favorite song plays on the radio when you’re least expecting it.

10. my family. despite the fact that we do have our differences/ tiffs sometimes. it doesn’t change the fact that there’s nothing in the world i wouldn’t do to see them happy. because that alone would make me happy. (cheesy much??)




  1. saloni dewan
    March 7, 2013 at 1:17 pm ·

    u top my happy list!!

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