the non work moments and other random things…



yesterday, to beat the monday blues i went to karishma’s office at india bulls for some ‘us time’ over lunch.

i  may have forced her into it. like i kinda showed up at her office canteen. she  pretty much had no option but to join me.

it was fun, random. we had sweet corn soup and caesar salad. we’re trying to be healthy plus it’s too early in the week to eat fried food.

eating there made me want a work canteen of my own. they serve thai curry! red and green :o

we don’t have one here at peninsula center.

i’m liking this week a lot (even though i may not be my boss’s  favorite person right now) and it’s just tuesday. the week only get’s better from here on.

we’ve made a plan for goa this weekend, but i think we’ll land up at pune.

also i can’t get this song out of my head. it makes me miss december and weddings.


^^ that’s kari’s office look. specs et all^^


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