the nutcracker

i’ve had such little time to update this blog this past week.

work has been CRAZY (double caps) every time i think it can’t get busier ..the law just somehow finds a way to prove me wrong.

so there goes my december …

{it took me long to accept it’s going to be this way ALL month. but i think i’m there now}

in other news i’ve been watching a lot of sex and the city lately.i feel bad i dint get to IT before. carrie writes so well. she gives you so much to think about at the end of each episode. other than the fact that it’s mostly all BOY related, i like it. if i’d seen it earlier, like the rest of the world, i’m pretty sure she would have been my inspiration to blog {only i dont think i can be as candid as her…right?}

last weekend in the few minutes that i got free {;)} we tried out this new place in fort called the nutcracker.





it’s a cute little – hole in the wall – place right ahead of ayub’s {the roll-wala} at kalaghoda.

we tried a lot of things on the menu.

not necessarily in the following order:

buttermilk pancakes – HUGE fan

grilled cheese with jalapenos – skip, NOT a fan

mushrooms on toast – it was ‘kay

salted caramel and banana smoothie – it was ‘kay

black bean burger – FAN

bagel with cream cheese – FAN

cold coffee – skip.

but all in all,you should check this place out if you’re in kalaghoda or work there. its really cute. and their breakfast items seem amazing {i’ve heard}

…..hope your weeks been better than mine.

fingers crossed for the weekend!


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