the time i got a massage at that random hole-in-the-wall place in udaipur and it worked

last weekend during our udaipur trip, i went for a walk around the hotel while my parents were taking their afternoon nap.

i realised that udaipur is filled with hole-in-the-wall massage parlours which look extremely suspicious from the outside. they all have display boards with amazingly priced massage menus.

was feeling a bit brave that day and decided to give a rather ‘normal’  {comparatively} massage parlour a shot. I asked for a face and leg massage and bargained a bit – which worked because i did manage to cut down the already low price a little.

and boy was i presently surprised…  i had one of the best massage experiences and my face has never felt this fresh. all for Rs. 300.

so next time you happen to be wandering about the streets of udaipur, give their massage parlours a shot. i promise it will be worth it.


and …. even though i am anti – selfies. i took one anyway.

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