the times, they are a-changin’


i have barely been posting here on bluebay these days. and i feel horrible about it.

have missed this space more than I’d like to admit.

so OMI’s cheerleader has been one of my favorite songs this month. the catch line it goes like this “O i think i’ve found my self a cheerleader, she’s always there when i need her”

it makes me realise how important it is to be your husband’s/ partner’s/ fiance’s/ bf’s biggest cheerleader. this song’s a good reminder because SO very often i forget, in spite of knowing it’s whats most important in any relationship. not that i’m knowledgeable enough to give relationship advice. but if i had to give any… this would be IT.

be his BIGGEST cheerleader and you’ve got your self a life long relationship ;)

on a different note – times are changing WAY too much around here. hence the sporadic blogging.

for starters we get married in 2 months. TWO. close

and then I change my house. my home. my family {well kinda} and my JOB.

Saloni’s leaving town tonite! the country actually. to move to -  guess where??? the place that has taken away all my other loved ones :( a.k.a. the united states of america

last saturday was our last night out in the city with her (as a resident).

we went to aer and then to tryst. YES i still love tryst.

and i still love love MY friends. even after all these years. just AS much.

they seem to be my constant in these changing times.

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