these times.^^

so the other day i was watching the hunger games {which btw i really really like} and i was at the part where katniss is talking to peter mellark on the night before they were to enter the hunger games arena and he’s telling her how he did not want to lose himself inside. and if he were to die he wanted to die just as he was without changing himself/ his personality {like becoming a killer/ hunter}. and then katniss looks at him like she understands where he is coming from but says i can’t think the way you do, i have my sister.

that moment — i had tears in my eyes. because the love she had for her sister primrose is SOO real and genuine. you don’t get to see that kind of love anymore. not too often at least.

the whole thought made decide to make all efforts to be more like katniss in that aspect. to love more deeply, selflessly without expecting  anything in return.

i would hate to become a victim of the  ‘it’s cool to be cold’ mentality.

….and now on a totally different note. can we talk about food??

saturday night was date night.

we went to indigo deli at palladium. and we had such a good meal.

chorizo and scarmoza pizza.

scrambled eggs with potatoes and toast.

sauteed balsamic mushrooms.

and the best dessert i have ever had {no kidding}—- the apple cinnamon + blueberry steamed pudding with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. and raspberry extract.

the food was SO great and the company wasn’t bad either ;)


^^ no picture of the world’s best dessert because we were too busy devouring it to take pictures.^^


^^ us at friend’s party after… ^^

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