things about us

  • we met at a wedding in goa. he was the best man. she made the first move.
  • one year and 6 months later he proposed in goa. it was her birthday.


  • he stalked her all the way to madras cafe once. she was having lunch with her  mum. it was their first week , dating.
  • he still denies it. says it was a ‘coincidence’
  • he has a dog named hugo. when they first started dating he had to lock hugo in the terrace before she  agreed to step into his house.
  • these days hugo refuses to eat unless she’s sitting besides him. he likes to watch her face while he eats
  • he isn’t afraid to pick up snakes.
  • she is scared of cockroaches.
  • we both love good food. and make it a point to go on a date at least once a week
  • he doesn’t like her late work hours. he doesn’t eat dinner till she gets home from work. even if its 11 pm.
  • he drives way too fast.
  • she doesn’t know how to drive.
  • she loves  planning  his birthdays. even months in advance. he doesn’t really like birthdays.
  • he has a temper.
  • she loves sharing a room with him.
  • he doesn’t like sharing his pillow. he has a designated one.
  • some days he doesn’t let her get out of bed. she gets late to work those days.
  • we fight a lot. sometimes they lasts for more than a day.
  • eventually we make up. and those days..they are the very best.

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