things around here lately …

i have been meaning to blog for a while but haven’t gotten to it.

this weekend was a good one.

for starters because i finally got around to buying myself denim dungarees. had been looking for them all over Mumbai and never really found them anywhere until this Saturday when I was in phoenix and happened to walk past ucb {united colors of benetton} which, by the way, RARELY happens because it’s so far away from all the good stores. and there it was on the mannequin and it fit just right.

god has a way of answering my prayers. in his own little way, i tell you.


^^went for lunch with the family to smoke house deli and had eggs for lunch.  it was a good meal. also i still have never understood why eggs is breakfast ONLY. who made that rule again, can anyone explain it to me??^^


^^ spent a lot of my saturday in office reading this magazine. it’s my favourite.. and after years of wanting have finally gotten myself to subscribe for it.^^


^^ spent my sunday having lunch, dinner and everything in between with him and my friends. it was good time and i love how i never get enough of them^^

counting my blessings ….but then monday arrived. just kidding ;)

happpy week!!!

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