this blog

this blog is SOO good. why dint i think of it before Brandon Stanton again?

i just wasn’t original enough i guess or too caught up with the law.

it’s about the humans of new york. i love how you can read about the stories that lie behind each face. each person. how there’s more to a person than meets the eye. how a very general question and a simple answer from a stranger can tell you so much about them.

it’s touching and so addictive.


“what’s your biggest struggle right now?”

my job.

“what’s the hardest part about it?”

“the monotony. the lack of creativity.”

this is my trying to be all humans of new york-ish ;) if you haven’t seen the blog already you may not get it.

so… anyway. happy wednesday xoxo!

p.s. we are doing this whole hindi thing in office right now. we’re only allowed to talk in hindi from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm. an internal challenge because of my lack of hindi speaking skills, which cracks up every body at work… BUT i leave for a meeting now. so i’m saved! {pheww} 

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