this month’s going to be a good one..scratch that, make it this year

part of the reason behind this amazingly good mood of mine is because i thought it was wednesday when i got up this morning.. and then at lunch break someone asked me what my weekend plans were, and those questions don’t really go around till thursday. so you could imagine my happiness

it’s happened twice this past month !

i’m telling you guys i have a good feeling about this year. also i have a video i want to share on this blog. maybe when the time is right + i’m way too skeptical about sharing videos on this blog. so odd


it was his mum’s birthday a few days ago. i got chocolate cake.

then we all sang the birthday song and fed each other. she told me it was her favorite birthday ever.

i really like her. she’s way nice. i feel blessed.

also she’s very friendly. not judgmental. always smiling and super easy to talk with. which is a good thing. because it’s not very easy for me to talk with ‘the parents’

not after all my past experiences.

did i mention i feel blessed?

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