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i’ve mentioned this quote before. {here}

it came back to me today when i was going through the interviews of the oscar nominees. the actresses.

i read interviews of reese witherspoon, rosamund pike and marion cotillard. those 15 minutes left me inspired. more than i thought i would be.

these actresses.. they aren’t just good looking or talented. there’s so much more to them. they speak surprisingly intelligently. are SO humble. and they all have something in common – a vision. a vision that is beyond just being famous or making lots of money.

apart from being one of america’s most famous actresses – reese witherspoon is a producer. she has produced movies like gone girl and wild {she’s an oscar nominee for best actress for her role in this movie}

she said in one of the her interviews that “All I ever set out to do was create interesting roles—not good girls, not bad girls, just complex women in lead roles. To have these three performances recognized, and more importantly, have audiences go see these movies

It just shows you there’s a huge audience for films with complex female roles.

it’s very inspiring to see women get to the top. in all fields, all over the world.

i’m no feminist.

but it’s inspiring to read about these women.

it makes us realise about HOW much the human mind is capable of. specially when we are really passionate about something.

now only to find what I’M really passionate about ;)

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