tis the season’



last weekend of the year, we spent at trident, bkc.

very relaxing. hardly got out of the room even. except when we had to eat. very different from the trident weekend we had last year.

i guess i’ve grown up. a little.

also day after we’ll be on 2014!

2013 passed by SO fast. 2013 was good and bad at some points. but mainly good.

i traveled a whole lot. got to see so many beautiful places. few of them which i never thought i’d get to see.

had a hard time at work  {which only taught me more} and then there were some good times too ;)

had the craziest times with my crazy friends and have also been sibling – less {been a whole year since i’ve met them, need to do something about that SOON}

2014 has got me a bit excited

looking forward to some more challenges at work {because there sure will be! or maybe a change in work environment as a whole. i won’t lie the thought has crossed my mind}

meeting new people and making new friends.

traveling some more.

and spending a LOT of time with my siblings and the rest of my family abroad to make up for the previous year.

speaking of family, they sent me this picture of them over the weekend and i just have three words for you.


i love my family {okay that’s four words}

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