touchdown in London town

A and i had gone to santorini, greece last summer to celebrate the wedding of our close friends Neil and Melanie. Neil and Melanie are A’s friends from the time he studied at the university of essex. at the wedding we met so many of A’s friends from england that we had decided then itself that london would be our next summer destination.

the UK visa application process is terrible and one must leave aside at least week to just finish the application process. it also takes around 20-25 days to receive your visa. but the destination is well worth the wait :)

we took the jet airways direct flight to heathrow london {which is great, quick and easy – except the meals ofcourse} and a black cab {which is a lot more expensive than an uber but worth an one time experience of the famous black cabs} from the airport to preston road, where we stayed during our entire visit. at first, a lot of people mentioned that staying in central london was a better idea as its closer and saves on travel time. but looking back, i wouldn’t have had it any other way. the houses in preston road are very cute and comfortable and the area is so calm and peaceful. a perfect place to come back to after your time exploring the crazy, busy central city.

most of our travel was via underground. so convenient! reminded me SO much of new york city. also the oyster cards are super helpful and far more reasonable and quicker then buying individual tickets. the underground gives you a great idea of the city layout and the connectivity is simply amazing. there’s a stop that can take you just about everywhere in central london.

okay wow this is reading awfully like an informative post – so pictures and a list of some of my favorite places in London!

South Bank

i cannot recommend this enough. i loved everything about walking by south bank. the restaurants / bars, the random street acts, the skating rink {yes there’s a skating rink by the river! and it super awesome}, the carousel {i mean can this be dreamier?} and the food / music festivals.

somehow every time we were in central london we found our selves gravitating towards south bank.








IMG_20180708_211432 (1)

IMG_20180714_135055 (1)


some nice places to eat / drink and visit in and around south bank :

go to the food festivals! there’s loads of variety and drinks and its also a great vibe. there’s almost always a food festival during the summer seasons.

there’s also the good old ping pong and wagamama.

we also went to this really nice wine bar – gordon’s wine bar right by the embankment underground station – which is located inside a beautiful small park.

for mexican – lupita which is on the other wise the bridge just of the charring cross station does good authentic mexican


Okay so technically windsor isn’t in london. its about 30 to 45 mins by train from london paddington or london waterloo.

i was teased a lot by A for wanting to visit windsor – royal tourism at its best, considering meghan and harry just got married at the windsor palace a month before, but honestly i am so glad i insisted and didn’t succumb to the pressure. windsor is almost magical. with the river, ducks, beautiful riverside restaurants, castles and the charming old-town vibe. the shopping is great too

we didn’t go inside the castle – but we did manage to take a walk around the town. we had brunch at this amazing restaurant called browns brasserie and bar and A insists that they served the best fish and chips he’d ever had.









^^  special shout out to these amazing malteser milkshake at shakeaway. it was out of this world and unfortunately i have no pictures of it to prove it ^^

Camden Town

a bit clichéd but i loved camden. mostly camden market, with all the quirky – vegan food stalls. and the vibe. and the wall art. and the murals. i could go on. A and i went there first when we had just a couple of hours to kill near london euston before we caught the train to lake district {more on that in a separate post} both of us liked it enough to come back two times after. we had food at a Venezuelan {?? i could be wrong here} food truck. something that tasted like kebabs in pita pockets with hot sauce and salad. A tricked me into trying the lamb and beef ones – i thought it was chicken the whole time and kept telling him how tasty it was. only when we were done did he tell me i was having a mince of lamb and beef the whole time. it was all in good humor though and i’m kinda glad i tried it. i wish i was more adventurous with my food choices. it would make A a lot happier, for one thing.







okay so this post is way too long and i am still only halfway through my list, so let’s continue this in the next post??

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